GC Consulting understands the unique stress that international workers experience while living and working overseas. Let us stand beside you and support you as you pour yourself into what often feels like an impossible task – successfully living and working in a foreign country! We’re passionate about helping you be successful!


GC Consulting offers a wide variety of training programs designed to help you understand and overcome the unique stress of life overseas. Turn to us to help you develop proven methods to increase your resiliency as you encounter the intense stress of cross-cultural work.

Support While Overseas

Already serving overseas and need someone to talk to about some stressor you’re having? You’ve come to the right place? Hamilton Burke and GC Consulting staff have all lived and worked overseas. We understand and would love to provide you with the professional support you need to continue your international life and work.


Periodically talking to someone who understands what you’ve been through is so important and valuable. GC Consulting offers individual and group opportunities to reprocess the stress of what you’ve been through.

Coming home is often one of the hardest parts of working internationally. Let us walk you through debriefing procedures that will help you process all you’ve experienced, regenerate your inner resources, and prepare you for the future.

In the unfortunate case that you’ve experienced trauma or incredibly stressful team or work situations, GC Consulting staff would like to help you recover. Not only do we offer stress-debriefings, but we also provide expert psychological treatments to help resolve traumatic experiences.

To learn more about the individual and group services we offer, please contact us.