Psychological Assessments

Let GC Consulting provide you with the best quality assessments of your international workers before they go overseas.

Hamilton Burke served as a psychologist in the US Air Force where he did evaluations on people working with nuclear weapons. The evaluations he’ll give your workers is similar in scope and quality to those he did in the Air Force.

Dr. Burke. understands the unique situation of international workers. He and his family have served overseas as international workers for 20-plus years. He knows the unique stressors that international workers face. He understands them and your organizational needs.

GC Consulting’s evaluations are specifically designed to rule-out team damaging personality traits and disorders and unresolved emotional conflicts. Let GC Consulting help insure that the people you send overseas can handle the stress they encounter from work, culture and team.

Specialized Training

GC Consulting provides on-line and in person training that is focused on helping international workers deal with emotional issues that might damage their ability to be successful overseas.

Best when combined with GC Consulting’s screening, this training makes sure that workers are free of damaging emotional baggage (“check-in” baggage) and have the training and resources they need to deal with the normal “carry-on” baggage that all workers bring with them to overseas work.

Please contact us for more specific information about the training we offer!