GC Consulting provides services for individuals before leaving

Before Leaving

GC Consulting offers quality assessments of your international workers before they go overseas with on-line and in person training that is focused on helping international workers deal with emotional issues that might damage their ability to be successful overseas.

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GC Consulting provides services for international workers

International Workers

GC Consulting understands the unique stress that international workers experience while living and working overseas. Let us stand beside you and support you as you pour yourself into what often feels like an impossible task – successfully living and working in a foreign country!

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GC Consulting provides services for organizations


GC Consulting offers professional consultations that can help you rethink how your company screens, trains and supports its overseas workers. Let GC Consulting help your organization develop comprehensive support programs to equip and support people you’re sending to difficult places.

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We’re passionate about helping you be successful!

GC Consulting is passionate about the important work that your organization and international workers are doing. All of our services are designed with one goal in mind - the success of your workers as they do the important and difficult task of living and working overseas. The staff of GC Consulting not only has first hand experience of the stress of living overseas, but we have the technical and professional background, skills, and credentials that allow us to equip your organization and workers for success overseas. Let us serve you as you serve!